Friday, July 30, 2004

...and it begins

Having just recently discovered the joy of blogs, I decided to start my own. This decision was not a result of me believing my thoughts merited other people's time or interest, but rather it forces me to write those thoughts down. Yes, I know that's what a journal is for, but in a journal I tend to write more of what happened to me that day than what I was thinking about that day. Of course, when you go back and read, the thoughts are far more interesting than the events.

Another reason I am starting this is because I have been Gospel Doctrine teacher in my ward here in Brooklyn for the past year and have just been called as early morning seminary teacher for the coming school year. I feel that this might serve as an appropriate place to express thoughts and hopefully receive ideas and/or feedback. I am in my element when teaching Gospel Doctrine. Seminary, however, is not Gospel Doctrine.

A quick explanation of the name of my blog: nine moons is the amount of time Coriantumr spent with the people of Zarahemla. Considering the cultural differences but spiritual similarities, I can only imagine the discussions they had in those nine months. Mormon blogs fascinate me because I love to see the different cultural perspectives of members from all over the world discussing Gospel principles.