Sunday, August 15, 2004

Four Plans...and a fifth, I guess

This week as I prepared my lesson for Gospel Doctrine class, I realized there is a short list of possible Plans of Salvation, as proposed (or implied) by those in the scriptures. They are as follows:

1) No agency. All are saved. This was Lucifer’s original proposal.

2) Agency. All are saved. See Nehor (Alma 1:4) and Corianton (Alma 42:1)

3) Agency. Suffer a little bit. All are saved. See 2 Ne 28:8.

4) Agency. Only those who repent are saved. See Jesus Christ, Alma 41-42, rest of scriptures.

This fifth one isn’t in the scriptures, however...
5) Agency. Nobody is saved because there is nothing after this life. See New York City, 2004.

We know from Alma 42 that under the conditions of option #4 the demands of justice are satisfied. Fine.

Under the laws laid out by Alma, the demands of justice wouldn’t be satisfied in the examples of #2 and #3.

Option #5 is a different beast which I won’t address at this point, although I’m up for hearing any opinions as to how justice would relate to it.

Lucifer’s original proposal, however, is intriguing to me. From what I understand, the demands of justice would be satisfied in that case. Because there is no sin, there is no need for an Atonement to satisfy the demands of justice. Does this mean that Satan was well aware of eternal laws (that even God is bound to) and proposed his plan accordingly? It seems that once Satan realized his original proposal wasn’t going to happen, he’s been trying to implement numbers 2, 3, & 5 ever since.