Monday, August 23, 2004

God and the time domain

I'm no physics expert. I don't understand quarks, strings and those other advanced Einstein stuff. Hopefully I understand enough to at least ask the question.

I think, according to Einstein, to be subject to time or the time domain you must have mass. It's all tied up with the speed of light, gavity and mass. There was an experiment done where a jet plane with an atomic clock flew west from a point and one flew east from the same point, after circling the globe and arrive back at the begining one clock had lost time and one clock had gained time.

There is also a theory that if you had twin brothers and one remained on the earth and other was able to fly at just under the speed of light to the nearest star and back that the flying brother would be 2 years younger than his earthbound brother, when he arrived back at earth.

If time really does require that we have mass then I wonder what our resurrected bodies will be made out of. Yes they are "physical" or at least we "feel" them. Can you feel something that doesn't have mass? (I don't think so?!)

Does anti-matter exist? If it does, then does anti-matter counteract matter or mass. So could something have mass but also have an equal amount of anti-matter so it behaves as if it doesn't have least as far as time goes.

I know J.S. said that there is no such thing as immaterial matter, some is just more refined. What does that mean? Can it be so refined that it doesn't have mass?

The reason I bring this whole thing up is if we don't have mass then we aren't subject to time, and if we aren't subject to time then we can travel to whatever earth or earths we want faster than instantaneously. If we have matter and we are subject to time then it appears that the speed of light limits the speed of our travel.

I don't know if that is clear...any thoughts?