Tuesday, August 10, 2004

How Good Do We Have To BE?

I proposed and interesting thought in S.S. class the other day. First I expressed my hope that the Millenium would hurry up and get here. Here's why. I don't know for sure if I'm Celestial material yet...hopefully I am, but I still have a lot of problems and sins to overcome (just ask my wife) anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm a good solid Terrestial type guy. If I die and go to Paradise I will have some time there to "pay" for my sins and change as best as one can in a spirit body.

If I remain long enough in Paradise then maybe I can clean up my act enough to get a Celestial resurrection at the begining of the Millenium.

If the Millenium comes now and I'm Terrestial I get to stay on the earth, I have another 43 years until I'm twinkled. During that 43 years there won't be the temptations around anymore that there is now. It has got to be much easier to live a Celestial life then. The children born during the Millenium will grow up to salvation...it'll be like the Nephites after Christ visited them and or like living in the city of Enoch. So I think under those circumstances I can make it from Terrestial to Celestial. Then I'm twinkled into a Celestial body and I have another 957 years to perfect that Celestial body so I can be ready to be exalted when the big judgement day comes.

I'd rather take my chances in the Millenium than in Paradise.

I know I should do it here in this earth life, that's what it's for and all that...but it's hard!!!

My point is that we shouldn't be discouraged by the gospel and the thought that we aren't good enough or can't make it into the Celestial Kingdom. God's plan of Happiness is designed to save as many of His children as He can within the bounds of justice and mercy.

Think about the progress we can make in perfecting ourselves during the Millenium. 1,000 years is a long long long time. With Satan bound because of the righteousness of the people the whole expereience is going to be considerable better than this one. How much more can we learn and do in our progression when we don't have to worry about Satan, about striving to earn more to get a bigger better whatever. Time, what a glorious earth-thing it is and we can use that 1,000 years to qualify to be Celestialized.