Thursday, August 19, 2004

When should you take "Advice"?

Shortly after attending a Stake conference and hearing one of the Stake presidency give a talk on business, businesses and ethics I was scheduled for a temple recommend interview. As "luck" would have it I was interviewed by this member of the Stake presidency.

After finishing the regular questions I asked him about his talk. Being in the movie theater business and being open on Sundays and showing our share of "R" rated movies I was interested in his thoughts. He explained to me how he felt about the entertainment industry and especially the problems with "R" rated movies. He told me that if he were me he'd get out of the business.

We talked for about 20 minutes. He concluded by saying that he wasn't telling me to get out of the business, but if he were me, he would get out.

I came out of that interview a bit defensive, justifing my position, but then again trying to be humble and obedient.

My question is: Is "advice" in an interview like this "counsel" that should be taken and obeyed? Or is it just an opinion that should be taken like anyone else's opinion?