Friday, August 27, 2004

Who is the Holy Ghost, really?

I was preparing my talk on revelation (thank you all for your comments) and got thinking about the Holy Ghost. Who is he?

He's a spirit, we know that. Is he one of God the Father's spirit children....our brother? If so how does that work? Does he have special powers given to him that the rest of us didn't have so he can carry out his mission? Did he volunteer in the premortal council like the Savior did? How did he know that a Holy Ghost was needed on this earth life, was that part of the plan that was presented?

If he's not a spirit child of God, then where did he come from. Was he something on "God's earth"? Was he assigned to this earth by some other means? Is he assigned to this earth only, or does he cover all the worlds that Christ created? If to this earth only, then are there other Holy Ghosts on other earths, or are they righteous enough that they don't need one?

If he is a spirit child of God, then does he get a body then be "twinkled" so he can be Celestialized? When does that happen?

Does he continue on as the Holy Ghost after this earth is Celestialized, either here (which I don't see the need) or continue on other or another earth?

I could go on with lots more questions. Not that we can answer any, some or all of these questions. To me they are interesting jumping off spots...but it just shows me how little we really know.

I can hear it now - we shouldn't be speculating on things like this...we should be consentrating on the basics of the gospel. I find the basics difficult to understand, especially as we delve into them. How does faith work anyway? And how does mercy work...and repentenace? And how do I go about resurrecting myself? Just asking!