Monday, August 30, 2004

Women holding the priesthood?

The first presidency message in the August Ensign has an interesting statement by President Faust. He says: "The priesthood is held in trust to be used to bless all of God's children. Priesthood is not gender; it is blessings from God for all at the hands of the servants He has designated."

What does he means the priesthood is not gender? Does that open the door for the possibility that women could hold the priesthood? Is there any scripture that in fact specifically prohibits women from holding the priesthood?

That got me thinking further. In the temple some of the priesthood temple ordainances are performed by women. Washing and annointings are priesthood ordainances, how do women perform these ordainances without having the priesthood?

The last thought was how would I feel and what would be the general membership's reaction if the first presidency announced that women could hold the priesthood?