Thursday, September 02, 2004

Are we really where we "should" be?

Bret's post and a recent conversation got me to thinking. I've done it and I hear it all the time. "I'm glad for the choices I've made because they helped make me what I am, and have brought me to such and such point in my life." To me this is almost a fatalist point of view. "No matter what I choose it's ok because it makes me what I am."

I think God loves us so much that he will help make the best result for us from any choice we make. If we make a bad choice, we suffer the consequences but God not only tempers those consequences as much as mercy will allow. Sometimes I think He can even cause greater benefit to come from that choice if we are humble and seek His help.

So we put all these bad choices together with the good choices we make and we end up where we are at....which is better than we deserve because of His mercy.

We thank God for what we have "learned" and the "experience" and the "growth".

My question is where should we be? Doesn't it seem logical that we would be a lot better off in our experience, growth and who and where we are if we had made more good choices?

Those people who are grateful for going thru the consequences of their sins seem to forget that they could have been better if they would have made a better choice.

Why be thankful for making poor choices?