Monday, September 20, 2004

The "Color Code" Divinci's Revenge

My wife has been fasinated with the color code for years. We are now reading the book together to supposedly help us better understand each other....and change for the better.

It has helped me to understand me, and her better. It has helped me to understand our motives better too.

Now the change part!! I'm a status seeking, always right red. I like who I am, I like being a red. My wife is a must be fair, judgemental blue...and I think she likes being a blue. Red / Blue relationships are the most difficult, we can both testify of that. I find myself accommadating her blue characteristics but I don't know how interested I am about changing my red characteristics.

Maybe accommadating the blue is a step in the right direction, I just need to keep stepping that way.

Just to tie this in to my title: maybe the reason Christ is always pictured in white is because He's a white...easy going, laid back, easy to forgive and get along. Then He's dressed in red for His second coming when He'll be aggressive and wreck havoc.

Colors, do they really matter?