Saturday, September 04, 2004

How much leeway does God have?

We all agree that God is bound by eternal laws. We all agree that blessing are predicated based on obedience to laws.

That being said, then when I obey a law I get the blessing, when I break a law or commandment I either get a "punishment" or the promised blessing withheld. Does that mean then I get what I deserve? I earned it? (this obviously doesn't refer to the atonement which I didn't / don't earn and I didn't / don't derserve)

If I do get what I earned or deserved and it is bound to the law I kept then first: "Why do I pray for blessings?" and second: "Can God change, modify, increase or decrease the blessing associated with keeping that law?"

My thought on the first question is: shouldn't I be praying to keep the commandments, to have the knowledge and strength to do so. If I pray for the blessing am I putting the cart before the horse? Or is it I don't know what commandment to keep to bring the blessing sought after so I pray for the blessing instead? Really shouldn't I be asking to know what I should do to bring about the blessing instead of just asking for the blessing?

The second question is even more interesting. Can God bless me more / less for keeping a commandment than someone else who keeps that same commandment? Does God have to be "fair"? Or does God have some leeway in how much or how little to bless us? Is there a range from say 1 -10 depending on exactness, attitude, circumstances, previous performance or other criteria?

Blessings have always perplexed me. I can't tie specific action with specific results, they aren't always logical. They can be immediate, or deferred which contributes to my difficulty. For me I just try and keep the commandments having faith that I'll get the blessings I need (and God knows what I need obviously better than I do).