Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I am Pro-Choice

One of the clients of the design firm where I work is Planned Parenthood. Per my request, I don't work on any PP project. That, however, doesn't mean I don't hear their ideas and thoughts that are put forth. Of those ideas, the concept of "Choice" is, of course, paramount. It is this idea that our principal pushes the most, that it's not about abortion, it's not about sex, it's about the divine right of "Choice".

I agree that our opportunity to have a Choice is the most important gift God has given us. According to Neal A. Maxwell, it's the only thing that is truly ours. However, I find that Planned Parenthood conveniently overlooks Choice's intimate spouse: Consequence. It is impossible for one to exist without the other. They want to have a "choice" after previous poor choices have been made. It's like the guy in jail who demands his "right" to freedom. He lost that "right" the moment he knowingly broke the law. When girls choose to have sex, they know there is a chance they could get pregnant. They forfeit their future choices based on that choice.

Many, of course, will say, "what about rape/incest or mother's health?" Those aren't choices made by the female.

Planned Parenthood is right. It is about choice. But it's about the choices that are made before the girl is late for her period, not after.