Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Is it dishonesty or just "Mormon Culture"?

I've owned $1.00 admission movie theaters all over the U.S., literally from New York to California. I presently own one in Utah.

Of all the theaters I've owned the one in Utah has by far and away more people who "sneak" food and drinks in without paying. It is clearly posted "No outside food or drink" and yet these Mormons bring in everything from sandwiches to 2 liter sodas.

They answer "yes" to the temple interview question "are you honest in your dealing with your fellow man". How does that work? What's the justification? Our high admission costs...I don't think so, at $1.00 we are a lot cheaper than video rental. Our high snack-bar prices...maybe, but we are by far and away the cheapest in town...and anyway we've got to make a profit somewhere just to stay open.

Even if our prices are "too high" so what, paying $1.00 authorizes you to come in and watch a movie it doesn't authorize you to have a picnic.

Obviously I can't vent like this locally where the theater is located. The backlash from all the Mormons I would offend would probably close me down. I guess as a businessman, if I'm not profitable within the local "culture" then I should just take my business elsewhere.