Tuesday, September 14, 2004

When Does the Spirit Enter the Body?

I think the "brethern" have avoided answering this question, and probably for good reason. Does life begin when the spirit enters the body, or does life begin at conception? We all recognize the fact the the embryo, depending on it's stage of development, can move, feel pain, is sensitive to music and much more. Does that mean its spirit has entered into its body?

Many parents have been conforted by assuming (for whatever reason, personal revelation?, a statement by a friend, Bishop, or G.A.?) that they'll have the opportunity of raising their still born baby in the Millenium. I'm not disputing that.

The reason the question entered my mind, I was studying my S.S. lesson and in 3Ne. 1:13 Jesus speaks to Nephi and tells him that the next day he will be born.

Obviously (at least to me) from this scripture Christ's spirit had not entered into his body. His spirit was wherever it had been since the creation of the earth and he was still functioning as the God of this earth. So if Christ's spirit didn't enter His body until birth, does that apply to all of our spirits?