Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Do we deserve our trials?

How do we determine why we are "suffering" the trials we are going through?

A very smart Bishop (Fox) once told me that there are 3 reasons we suffer trials. #1 S*#t happens (my words not his). The rain falls on everyone. It is just part of this life, some get more than others just as a matter of being here.

#2. As a direct consequence of our own actions.

#3. God gives us certain trials to strengthen us, prepare us, and help us to grow to our full potential.

My problem is the difficulty I have many times in sorting out whether I'm suffering from 1, 2, or 3. Maybe it doesn't matter, maybe I should just "suffer"...grow, and be thankful for it. I find that I do better at "suffering" if I know the why.

It's much easier to "suffer" the consequences of my own actions if I know for sure that my actions brought about the "suffering". It's harder when I don't know if God is trying me, or if it's a #1.

Is there any way to tell? Does it matter? Should I just put up and shut up?