Thursday, October 21, 2004

How important is earth life really?!

We all have spent literally thousands of years in the premortal existence, maybe more. There we were taught, we had associations with others, interactions, discussions etc. We developed enough that God knew what we "deserved", "earned", "qualified for" when coming to this earth.

How much of our personality, how much of the "real" me was formed there? I think a lot. More than we would normally think or give credit to.

We are taught that we come to this earth to gain a body and to be tested. I think gaining the body is the important issue here.

If that weren't so then what about all the infant deaths, the deaths before accountability how are they tested by this earth life? What's the test for them? We hear that they were so good in the pre-mortal life they don't have to go thru the trials here. That's my very point.

As for the rest of us....well, I guess we all fell short and have to go thru the trials. But what are these trials really for? They certainly aren't to "prove" to God that I can qualify to live with Him. So that must mean that they are to prove to me that I can qualify.

Here's my twist, from my twisted mind: If I accepted God as God in the pre-mortal life, and accepted that He knows everything about me, then why not accept that whatever kingdom He assigns me to is right and skip all the suffering, trials etc. found here? The infants who die accept that.

I don't think this earth life is going to change who I really am, and who I really am has more to do with my pre-mortal life than it does my mortal my opinion.