Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Prayer stances

In SS this week we talked about prayer, where, how, vain repetitions etc. I have since thought more about my own prayer and manerisms.

A few years ago while visiting the Church Museum in SLC I noticed a picture of a sacrament meeting. The brother blessing the Sacrament is kneeling behind the table with both his arms raised to the square while praying. I thought how curious.

In different settings I have referred to this and that I have adopted this prayer position on different occasions. I rarely use it, but when I do, I find my consentration goes up...my arms get heavy and it helps add "something" for me.

In writing this blog I've now decided I'm going to try a new "position". I've never prayed laying flat on the floor, I'm going to try it.

Something I've thought about doing but haven't yet is raising my hands in a particular way as demonstrated in the Temple and using the words used there. If it is ok for Adam to pray that way and it's used in the Endowment then does that make it ok for me to use in my personal prayers?

I'm not trying to be weird about prayer. I just find kneeling, slumped over/onto my bed sometimes doesn't give me the effect I'm needing.