Thursday, October 21, 2004

Redeem the Dead? What's the Rush?

Two Sundays ago I listened to a talk on temple work and I took another look at this question again that I have pondered for a few years now. Why are we in such a hurry to redeem the dead? I mean, I understand the importance of the work and of going to the temple as often as possible; at least for ourselves. I just do not understand why we are told to hurry up and get as many names done as possible, now. It is almost as if you better hurry or it will be too late.

I make this case for two reasons: One, the dead dwell in a place where time does not necessarily travel at the same rate as the living, so it's not like they are really waiting 400 years or whatever to get their ordinances done. Second, every persons ordinances will be done. Nobody is going to be left out. Their temple work will get done sometime either now or during the millennium.

I don't mean at all to sound cynical. It is just a curious thing in the church since we know the reasons to do genealogical work and such...But why the urgency when it comes to performing the work?