Monday, November 15, 2004

9 disciples go to heaven, or where?

As long as I'm going on about the BOM and GD class, here's something else that got me thinking this week.

In 3Nephi we find that the Savior promises 9 disciples their wish. The wish was that "that we may speedily come unto thee in thy kingdom". Jesus tells them they are blessed are desiring this and then tells them that after they are 72 years old "ye shall come unto me in my kingdom and with me ye shall find rest."

Where is this "kingdom"? The Celestial Kingdom won't exist until after the Millenium, final judgement etc. Is Christ in "His Kingdom" now?, I don't think so and even if He is, can they go to Him and be with Him as promised? I thought we all go to Paradise or Spirit Prison, not directly to any Kingdom.

Later Mormon tells us that 100 years passed and the disciples of Jesus "had all gone to the paradise of God". I don't think the paradise of God is Jesus' kingdom. Is Jesus in paradise? He visited there to start the work for the dead, but I don't know of any scriptures that say He's there, or visits there or goes there to meet the incoming disciples.

So what's the deal with this whole kingdom thing?