Monday, November 15, 2004

BOM, 200 years of peace, who does the math?

I've always grown up with the idea that right after the savior visited the people in Bountiful, they all lived in peace and righteousness for 200 years.

As has happened many times this year, I find when I'm preparing my G.D. lessons old BOM teachings are not quite correct. It hasn't been that I've been taught wrong, it's we have quite a number of "mormonisms" that just aren't really true.

I was preparing my lesson by reading 4th Nephi, a very condensed history where it talks of this time of peace and righteousness. We find there that in the year 201 things start to go bad. That date seems to be the marking date for this 200 years of peace.

Here's the problem: in vs 18-20 Mormon tells us that it was year 110 and Amos got the records from his father and kept them for 84 years. But vs 20 tells us that a small part of the people revolted from the church and took upon themselves the name of Lamanites. Any time you have a revolt against the church, you've got serious problems. And when they take upon themselves the name of the Lamanites again you know they are in rebellion.

To me this would be the time when we should mark as the end of peace and righteousness. When during Amos' record possession did this happen? I don't know, if at the first then at year 110, if at the very end then the year 194.

OK, here's the math. The church is finally established in "all the land" in year 38, Amos at year 110 means 72 years of peace. Or at year 192 then maximum 154 years of peace.

To me, since the first generation had passed away, (all those who physically touched and talked with the Savior) I would tend to think that the revolt came closer to yr. 110 than to 194. That would mean peace for 100+ years not 200.

Maybe I'm being picky and reading into the scriptures more than is there, maybe not. Maybe we take too many "mormonism" at face value without really studying to see if they are true. And if they aren't true we don't want to rock the boat, cause a problem, or be seen as some heretic.

My SS class probably thinks I'm all that and more.....good!