Thursday, November 18, 2004

My wife and liars

My wife hates liars. We just fired an employee who was caught in several lies. My wife can't stand being lied to.

Here's my problem. I was talking to another of our employees. She told me that she doesn't get along well with my wife. So when my wife and I were talking I told her what this employee had said. She reacted to this...or should I say over-reacted to this. I told her it was obvious that I shouldn't tell her things like this.

That remark then led to the idea of what to tell her and what not to tell her. I said I guess I should keep things from you that may cause you to react, or may have a negative effect on you. She didn't like that.

....No we aren't at the point of having to go in for fact for her it has long past and not a factor anymore.

For me it begs the question: "What should we hold back from telling people?" and when we do withhold information, or comments then "Is not telling everything....or the 'whole' truth...really lying then?" "Is it OK to only tell part of the story to 'protect' them from the 'truth'?" "Where does telling only part of something become a lie, or does it ever become a lie?"

Do you have similar problems with the "truth" and your spouse?