Monday, December 06, 2004

B of M Sealed portion

In studying for my SS lesson this past week the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon brought several questions to my mind.

If we take the Mormon folklore that 1/3 of the plates were sealed then that would mean we are missing about 150-200 pages of text. (our current B of M has a considerable amount of footnotes which obviously are not part of the original, so I estimate the entire text part to be about 450 - 600 pages, 300 - 400 pages of actual text in our current book plus 150 - 200 pages in the sealed portion, that makes the ratios fit).

It appears to me that isn't enough for all the "missing" material that is in the sealed portion. Briefly Moroni says that sealed part contains the information from Adam down to Jared (approx. 2,000 years), all the blessings that Christ gave to the brother of Jared, and all the details to the end of the earth. He details that out a bit more in several different verses, but I think that covers it in general.

Covering all that time, prophecies, wars, problems etc. seems to me would take a lot more than 250 pages. Unless again we only get a condensed, hit the high points version again, and I guess that's possible. But in reading Moroni's descriptions I personally get the feeling that there is detail there and that detail is one of the reasons it's sealed.

Why am I posting this? Just wondering if anyone else has had thoughts on this sealed portion, what it contains, why we don't have it, when we'll get it and how many pages of added scripture will we get to study when it comes. (Maybe S.S. class will have to add another year to the rotation to include it in our study cycle)