Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The end is coming

Here it is almost 2005. Gowing up I always thought the end of the world was coming around the year 2,000. If you go by all the theories, the 1,000 year dispensations etc. we should now be in the Millenium.

Remember the big deal everyone made over Y2K?

Well, when is the end coming? If we count the years, we are overdue. If we count the seeming wickedness we're overdue. Obviously God must be on a different time table...or He's using His mercy again.

Maybe Chirst's birth was half way thru the earth's life and we have another 2,000 years before the end comes.

With the new year approaching I'm just grateful I'm still here with a chance to repent and become better. I'm especially grateful for two principles I learned from an inspired Stake President. First, that progression is more important than perfection. Second, that it doesn't matter where on the path I'm at, as long as I'm facing in the right direction and I am progressing.

Hopefully I am.