Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It's all about me!!

I've been teaching the Gospel Doctrine SS class for 2+ years now. I love it. Teaching is my favorite "job" in the church. I especially appreciate the preparation, I learn so much more than anyone else, I need the motivation, and I grow a lot whenever I teach. Teaching is my first love, church administration is my last love.

I purchased 2 new books on D&C and Church History, two of my daughters gave me a Church History Encyclopedia and I have a terrific book on Church history from my BYU days. I was really looking forward to this year's classes.

The Bishop stopped by night before last and "ruined" everything. Back to administration. My wife and I have been called to be ".........." whatever that is! There is no name for this calling, because it hadn't existed before. Our Bishop feels that there is a need to help all the singles in our ward from whatever age to as old as they go. What are we supposed to do? He doesn't know for sure. Where can we read up or study about this calling, no place. Why do we need a calling that seems redundant and seems to duplicate what the single adult reps are supposed to be doing, or the Stake is supposed to be offering? I don't know.

When the Bishop asked if we would accept this calling, I told him it was too late. He looked puzzled at me. I explained I already accepted this calling when I made my temple covenants.

Now before this blog sounds too negative, let me vent some more. What a challenge! We get the opportunity of going to the Lord and finding out exactly what He wants us to do. No manuals, no directions from some priesthood leader, just find out the needs, check with the Lord and serve these people. How cool is that!?

I'm not sure what our impact will be, maybe like teaching it will effect me more than it will effect them. Maybe we will literally be the ones to develop a whole new calling in the Ward, Stake, or Church to better serve the needs of the single members. It's a growing demographic in the Church and they certainly need the blessing like the rest of us.

So again, instead of the church and my life being all about me, it turns out that it's really all about others, which is all about me.