Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Why are we not healed?

Rusty's blog and the comments got me thinking.

When someone calls upon the Elders to annoint and bless them what happens? If you read James the sick person is the one who needs to do the calling. And the sick person is healed because of their faith. And if they are healed their sins are forgiven them.

When Christ healed he healed, forgave their sins, and told them that it was their faith that made them whole...all at the same time.

I'm sure the faith of the person performing the blessing is important, but doesn't appear to be essential. Especially in light of all the unworthy priesthood holders that have performed blessings that "worked". (But maybe faith and worthiness is substance for a different blog).

So is the reason that many are not healed is because they lack the faith? Or is it that they are unwilling to "repent" so their sins can be forgiven? If I'm a non-member but would like a blessing what takes over, my faith to be healed...but I don't want to join your church?

Can the two be seperated, faith being activated to heal - and the forgiveness of sins?

If we partake of the sacrament worthily are our sins forgiven? If so are we healed? Is that why the scripture says there are many sick amoung us, because they have partaken unworthily?

How are, and or why are they connected?