Thursday, February 03, 2005

Agency, somewhat a farce

Our agency certainly is a good thing, right? It just ticks me off sometimes how we are left to use it.

I see a big dilemma. Example: I have a choice to make, I'm told to study it out in my own mind then pray and I'll either feel good or I'll have a stupor of thought. Sounds easy. My choices each day can vary from choosing which can a veggies to buy at the store to whether I should invest several thousand dollars to open another theater. Dallin Oaks made it clear in a talk that choosing which grocery items to buy was probably not a good use of prayer.

Frist question, where going up the difficulty chart does it become appropriate to pray about something? Veggies - no, go to work today - no, family needs - probably, specific family needs - yes, new business - yes, yes, yes.

Since we are here on earth to gain experience, and God gave us a brain to use then should I involve God with all of my choices? If I do rely on God to always give me the answer that is best for me, because He loves me, then I'll grow the most no mater what the answer is, as long as it is God's answer.

I have no doubt that God answers my prayers. I also know that He can use inspiration, subtle thought implants, my scripture reading, direct revelation and much more to the point where I can't miss the message/answer. In fact that answer can be so overwhelming that if I'm in tune with the spirit I can't miss it and unless I'm spirtually dead or brain dead I would only have one choice and that's to follow the inspiration.

Since He knows me and loves me so much, and knows what will be best for me, then why doesn't he do that every time? Why does he leave me to my own choices?

If one of the goals of this life is learning to turn our lives over to God, and subjecting our will to the will of the Father then why doesn't He give me direction when I ask?