Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Change the meeting schedule

Whenever I have taught S.S. it has frustrated me to never have enough time. I think we should change the meeting schedule to 1 hour for sacrament meeting (enought time for the Sacrament and 1 0r 2 GOOD speakers), 1/2 hour for priesthood (enough time to conduct business and a short spiritual thought) and the remaining hour and a half for S.S.

We need more time for better in depth study of the scriptures. This proposed schedule would double the time spent in S.S. WOW I could really get excited about this.

Maybe if we all started emailing all our friends and asked them to email everyone they know, etc, etc, and contact everyone at church headquarters, and anyone with real connections to "the brethren" could talked with them - we could this thing done!

For those of you concerned about Primary, they could divide up the last two hours any way they wanted, maybe even into thirds - lesson, singing, sharing times.

How about it...start those emails going.