Wednesday, February 16, 2005

In Search of Mormon Folklore

I apologize that this isn't a post like we normally have (plus it's kind of covering some things we've discussed previously) but I could use all the help I can get. I wrote a paper for class a couple of years ago on Mormon Folklore and how though it has changed over the years since the organization of the Church (basically from mystical, three Nephite stories to more Priesthood power type accounts now) it still fills the same needs in our lives.
I am now revising it and sprucing it up for submission to a History Honors Society Summit and am looking for more accounts that I can possibly use to argue my point. I'd greatly appreciate any help from anyone that can point me to such accounts, old or new. They must be a primary source, meaning I need to get it straight from the one who experienced it, a written account by that person, or a recorded account by one who interviewed the person and wrote it down. So, as entertaining and interesting as it is to read rumors and hearsay of happenings in the church, that are of no help to me. These accounts can cover just about anything. I can weed through and see if it fits what I'm looking for. Please be wary of fakelore as well, meaning fantasiful stories that were not really experienced or thought to have really happened but were made up. (i.e.--Paul Bunyan stories, Washington and the cherry tree, etc.)
Clear as mud? I'm sorry, just send anything you can think of and I can decide if it's true folklore, I suppose. I hope this helps and again, I'd REALLY appreciate any help any of you can give me, whether it's a story you know, to pointing me to a website, book or magazine article. I'll post a link to my paper when it's finished. Thank you!!