Thursday, February 10, 2005

Times & Seasons, Why Do You Suck So Much Lately?

What happened to you T&S? When I first started reading the blogs in July of last year, I could barely look away from your pasty beige pages. Pouring over Joe Mormon's insights on the Gospel was a revelation to me. This was the Sunday School class I'd always wanted. You MC'd discussions on all those things I thought, but never said. We talked about R-rated movies, Mormon politics, polygamy, BYU sports, Word of Wisdom, and Zelph for heaven's sake. I was in ecstacy.

Now you've changed. You've soooo changed. (This is my favorite insult, by the way. Is there a worse one?)

You've gone from number one on my RSS list to near the bottom (right above IntellecXhibitionist, Our Thoughts and Sons of Mosiah... that's right, those three formerly brilliant, now defunct blogs). I now enjoy reading Waiter Rant more than I enjoy reading you. And all he does is complain about getting stiffed on tips all day.

But at least he sticks to his subject matter.

Your contributors seem to be bored by the "played" Mormon topics, for they rarely ever post on them anymore. I don't understand what most of the latest posts have to do with the Gospel: "Should We Prefer Avarice to Piety in CEOs?", "Media Bias", "Finding God in Chess and the Appellate Brief", "Unrequitted Love". What? Sure, I guess if you say a Mormon's name or talk about God, that's talking about the Gospel... in a way, though it seems more like self-indulgence to me. I can understand. It would be very enticing for me as well to post my personal reveries (and strain to connect them to the blog's genre).

Why the change? Is it because they've "agreed to disagree" with each other and moved to the periphery for material? Or have they discovered perfect living through what you've taught them and are merely writing for OUR "benefit"? Please ask them, I don't know enough Latin to formulate a question they would understand.

So I guess I'll be moving on as well. I have other friends, neighbors, and loved ones with whom I'm very happy. I still love you. I will probably check in from time to time to see how things are going. Know that I'm praying for you. Please come back.

Your friend,