Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Brainwashing our Children

I have often wondered the difference between what we do to our children and what we would call radical religious sects do to theirs.

When I think of radical religious sects I think of the Branch Davidians (David Koresh) and the People's Temple (Jim Jones). Their members were so caught up in following their leader that they were willing to die with and or for them. The children in these groups were taught just like we do ours. They had Sunday School classes, they taught them to pray, they taught them to sing songs, they taught them to be obedient.

I taught Primary for several years, our family had fairly regular Family Home Evenings, we read the scriptures together and prayed together. I look at all that and wonder if we are/were brainwashing our kids. I think we are!

I think we justify the brainwashing by saying we are right, we have the truth, our leaders tell us we should do these things. These religious cults justify it the same way.

I'm not saying we are wrong, or shouldn't do it, it just makes me pause....and not judge these others so much....even my J.W. friends.