Thursday, March 03, 2005

Is all scripture really scripture?

Is all scripture really scripture? Do we or should we put the same value on all scripture?
I guess by definition scripture is scripture, but I have a hard time giving the same value to different scripture. For example, Psalms (written by an adulterous king - not a prophet), Proverbs and Ecclesiastes (written by another king - not a prophet), Esther - nice story, Joseph Smith history - fantastic story, modern day conference talks - Thomas Monson included - good stories.

Do the sayings, advice and stories have the same value as the “Thus saith the Lords”? Not to me. If they don’t all have the same value then which or what is scripture to me? Can I pick and choose? I don’t think so. If I can’t then what or which am I accountable for? Should I be held accountable for Solomon’s advice: “Beat your kid with a rod, he won’t die” or Monson’s story of visiting the sick in the hospital on Christmas?