Friday, March 11, 2005

Mormon Scholarship, is it lacking?

Is it me, or am I just not looking in the right places?

The Old Testament is one of my favorite scriptures. I'm teaching a PofGP class and slowly going through Moses / Genesis right now. I've found from the reading I'm doing that there isn't the in depth verse by verse commentary of the O.T. by any competent (or incompetent - for that matter) L.D.S. scholars. I'm not talking about the "normal" stuff found in the BYU Religon syllabus. What I mean is the more in depth, interesting connections etc. found in other christian writer's works.

A couple of examples: Lucifier the meaning of his name and what he was doing in the garden. LDS scholars fail to cross referrence Ezek. 28:9-11 which helps clarify.

Or that the meaning of the names in the genealogy to Noah specifically spell out what we could call the plan of salvation.

Or the significance of Abraham's servant's name, it what he does.

Or where was Isaac when Abraham came off the mountain and went home, and why is he left out of the record?

I find more interesting tid bits from non-LDS sources than from within the writtings by church scholars. My conclusion: I'm too familiar with the LDS sources and what they try to teach us, or the things I learn from non-LDS are of little consequence or value so they aren't included in LDS sources, or the non-LDS sources are wrong - speculative - unfounded, or we lack some of the in depth knowledge our Christian friends have. Which and why is that?