Friday, March 25, 2005

Premortal Cain, Lucifer agreement?

I was wondering if Cain and Lucifer could have had some kind of agreement in the premortal life?

Cain because he received a body gets to rule over Satan in the end. I can understand that prinicple but is it only Cain, or do all those who "follow" Satan get to rule over him because they will have bodies? If only Cain then why? You're the first bad guy, so you get rewarded for being bad by being a ruler....isn't that what Cain and Satan both to rule, to have power over others?

If it is only Cain, did Lucifer cut a deal with Cain in the premortal life when the war was going on? You know, something like Lucifer says: "We're pals, I'm going to lose this battle so why don't you slip over to the other side go to earth and get your body. I'll contact you then, we'll re-new our friendship and in the end you can rule over me...everything is cool."

I know that really doesn't make much sense, but it just interests me on why did Cain get what he got?