Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The temple and the Aaronic Priesthood

My wife and I attended the temple last night. Considering my previous post and the comments I listened more carefully than usual.

A question arose in my mind as we were proceeding with the endowment. When Adam was given the first token of the Aaronic Priesthood, in the Garden, why was it called that? It makes more sense to call it the "First token of the priesthood", since the Aaronic Priesthood didn't even exist then. The priesthood was a patriarchal priesthood named after Christ. Later the name was changed to Melchezedek. The Aaronic wasn't introduced until Moses had problems with the children of Israel.

If you were Adam, wouldn't you wonder what's the deal with this name, who's Aaron, why his priesthood?

Have there always been two priesthoods, a lessor and a greater? One part of the other and just never used until it's needed? And then D&C 13 indicates that the Aaronic priesthood won't be around again after the sons of Levi offer an offering in righteousness. So what's the deal?