Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Temple and Fig Leaves

Again by preparing to teach the PofGP I have come across a question that has popped up in my mind before. Satan told Adam and Eve to use fig leaves to cover themselves, which they did. Later God makes coats of skins to cover them.

The symbolism I’ve understood here is that the fig leaves represent our own attempt to cover our own sins. (Isn't it interesting that the fig tree was the only thing Christ cursed during His mortal ministry) The coats of skins represent the atonement and God’s way of covering our sins. It took the sacrifice of animals to make the coats. The coats and the sacrifice represent the sacrifice of Christ for our sins.

If that symbolism is correct then why do we use fig leaves in the temple as we do? And why do they stay with us thru the entire endowment? (Hopefully I have made that vague enough not to offend anyone about talking about temple things)