Thursday, March 10, 2005

Time to laugh at our culture

The second area of Nine-moons is to laugh at Mormon culture....

My wife is big on the "Color Code". There are reds - strong, always need to be right, seek for status people, Blue - self righteous, detailed oriented people, Yellow - self centered party, have fun people, people, and White - laid back easy going, peace at any price people.

I'm a classic red, my wife is a classic blue. That combination in a relationship is by far and away the most difficult of all combinations.

I understand that Mormons, especially ones in Utah (according to what my son who lives there tells me) are really into this too.

I have a couple of questions....maybe they aren't funny....maybe we can laugh at this!? Have any of you found defining yourself and others with these colors has helped your relationships? Any suggestions on helping a red / blue relationship?

A final question, what color is always right? I ask that because I've found it doesn't matter what color you are you always see things from your perspective and that's the right perspective, so you are always right....from your point of view, which of course is the right point of view or you'd be a different color...and then that point of view would be right, but then you'd be different so you'd still be right...right?