Friday, April 08, 2005

Wanna See Where I Live?

Just for the heck of it, I thought I'd take you on a short tour of my life:

(Spokane, Washington) The house I grew up in. I was there till I went to Ricks.
(Rexburg, Idaho) I was at Ricks College for one year. Lived in Applewood (the ones that burned in 1996).
(San Sebastian, Retahuleu, Guatemala) My first area of my mission.
(Hunapu, Escuintla, Guatemala) Second area of the mission.
(Chimaltenango, Guatemala) Third area.
(Monte Maria, Guatemala City, Guatemala) Last area.
(Provo, Utah) Single life at BYU living in The Riviera.
(Mt. Timp temple, American Fork, Utah) This is where I got married.
(Provo, Utah) The three places we lived as a married couple in Provo while finishing up undergrad.
(Inwood, New York City, New York) This is where we lived during my internship. It's the northern tip of Manhattan island.
(Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York) Our first permanent apartment in Brooklyn, on 3rd Street.
(Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York) Our first home (to own). Our current residence, on Fiske Place.

You may now exit at the back of the bus and thank you for riding the MTA.