Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What If We've All Been Deceived?

I've read many comments inside, but mostly outside of the Bloggernacle about how wrong Mormons are and how we've been deceived. These comments are usually laundry lists full of vitriol spelling out how wrong our doctrine is and that Joseph Smith was a liar. This is fine, as I have nothing wrong with people expressing their opinions. However, this has lead me to think to myself, "What if none of this is true? What if Joseph Smith was a liar? Wouldn't I be sorry to find out how I've been deceived my whole life?"

No, not really.

Sure I'd be upset that I'd been lied to, no doubt. And yeah it would have been nice to have been able to drink wine occasionally, and sure I could have used that extra 10% of income I gave away, but those are small sacrifices really. If my lifelong quest is to become a better person, the LDS Church does that better than any other institution on earth. Because of it I am more humble, more full of love, more interested in others, more open-minded, more disciplined, more willing to sacrifice and have a better life-perspective than if it were not a part of my life.

These comments often suggest I'm living in Plato's cave and if I could only see the light I'd be much happier. Well, I'm sorry, but drinking a little wine and having uncommitted sex aren't at the top of my list of "ways to gain joy in life" so until you can add to that list, I'm sticking with the Mormons.