Friday, May 13, 2005

Frustrated by a Latin Mass Catholic

I had a former employee stop by and we got chatting for a few minutes. She is a very conservative Catholic, no Vatican 2, Mass in Latin only....she makes Mel Gibson look like a bleeding heart liberal.

Anyway, the missionaries stopped by and told her how wrong she, and the doctrines of the Catholic church are wrong. I took the president Hinckley approach and talked about common truths inviting her to hold on to the truths she had, but be open to receiving more. We agreed on several truths we share. She then asked me to be specific about doctrines in her church that I felt were in error.

Infant Baptism was my first choice. The conversation led from it not being found in the scriptures, to whether it's needed or not. What I found interesting was their doctrine provides that in emergencies you don't have to use "holy water". And if the emergency is right you don't even have to be a priest, a lay person can do it.

We also discussed if everyone therefore needed to be baptised. Yes they do, but in special cases no you don't. Special cases include those who have never heard of Jesus Christ.

I got frustrated with every doctrine we discussed they had a firm belief or doctrine, but then they always had exceptions.

Thinking about the experience I wondered if we do the same thing?