Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Stump the Christians

I was talking with a non-member friend and posed a question I love to ask. "Why did God create us?"

I have yet to find anyone outside the church that has an answer to this that makes any sense at all. This friend told me "Because God wanted fellowship." I've had several tell me that "God wanted to give us a chance." These and many other answers just don't cut it.

What does a perfect God need? Does He need someone to worship Him? I don't think so, in fact that sounds like someone else's plan. Did God decide He was lonely so He created some "army men" to play with - like we did as kids? These creatures He created, why give them a spirit - whatever that is - because He had to create that too, and why a body? What good would His creation have been if they had remained in the Garden of Eden forever...even if they could have had kids? Did the Garden provide a place for this God to come and visit His creations...what so He could "play" with them. Why not create them in heaven instead, and "play" with them there?

Maybe I just haven't found the right Christian to talk to. Have any of you gotten any good answers to this question from your Christian friends?