Monday, May 16, 2005

What's The Most Time-Consuming Calling?

Life is in flux right now. Two weeks ago I finished my thesis and last week I graduated. Last week I also got a new calling (though I will still be seminary teacher for the remainder of the school year). Naively my wife and I thought/imagined/hoped seminary would end and we'd have a relaxing summer (I said naive, my wife is girl's camp director). When the calling was extended we were a bit bummed because those hopes were dashed (but happy to serve of course), but we figured I still wouldn't be as busy as I have been.

I must admit I'm quite naive as far as how much time people spend on their callings. I imagine the bishop spends the most. But seminary teacher has to come in a close second. I figure about 12 hours a week (2 hours traveling & preparation, 1 hour class, 4 days a week). Can anything else top that?

(My dad has said that he spent more time on his calling as Gospel Doctrine teacher than as counselor in the bishopric but I suspect that's because he enjoys the studying so much, not because it necessarily required that much time.)

(DISCLAIMER: This isn't a comparison in any way. It's just a curious opinion poll.)